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Owensville drainage solutions

Does your property in Owensville have wet areas? Do you have standing water? Is there unsightly erosion cutting through your landscape? Is your building foundation wet?

Affordable Excavation Inc excavation offers the landscape solutions you are looking for.

Drain your property to create more usable space

Whether it is residential, commercial, new construction, or existing, we have a drainage solution we can tailor to your specific needs and goals. Affordable Excavation, Inc. offers creative drainage designs to improve water removal off your property.

Drainage services include:

  • • Grading / Earthmoving
  • • Swale installation
  • • French drains
  • • Catch basins
  • • Storm water runoff systems
  • • Down spout conductors

Property inspection and drainage design

Our experienced and knowledgeable excavation team is fully equipped with specialized tools and machinery specifically designed for site modification and handling hard to access terrain.

Affordable Excavation Inc services include the installation of a cost effective drainage system that results in better water removal from key areas of your property. Affordable Excavation Inc is also completely equipped to fully or partially clear your site to make room for your land improvements. Call (513) 383-4187 for more suggestions and advice about drainage on your Owensville property